(Game) The weakest Yuusha and the strongest NEET knight

(Game) The weakest Yuusha and the strongest NEET knight

One day, the evil dragon, which is said to bring disaster to the world, has revived.

The hero immediately sets out to defeat it, but he is still too weak and can’t even defeat a slime.

So he decides to borrow the help of his neighbor’s sister, Melty, a former holy knight who was also called the strongest in the country. However, Melty is also enjoying her life as a NEET at home, and has forgotten all about the feeling of battle, and is in the same state as level 1.

The journey of a knight who forgot everything and the weakest shota hero begins now!

Release: Sep/30/2021
Company/Circle: kyoryuland
Language: Japanese
Size: 870,0MB

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