(Game) The Seven School Erotic Tales

(Game) The Seven School Erotic Tales

A puzzle-solving game where you play as student council president Akane,
who is trying to solve the seven mysteries of the school.
Find and create items to help solve the mystery.

However, as Akane will soon find out, the truth of the seven mysteries is much lewder than the rumors…

And it seems there is something beyond the 7 mysteries lurking at this school.
A monster? A ghost? Or is it a human…?

Can Akane bring order back to this school?


Student council president Akane is troubled by all the recent talk of the “Seven School Mysteries” among the students.
Not only that, but all the talk is making students sneak into the school at night, take things, and more.
Akane decides that to calm down all this talk, she’ll need to solve these seven mysteries.
However, she doesn’t realize how dangerous her investigation will become…

Release: Apr/24/2021
Company/Circle: typhoon com
Language: Japanese
Size: 848,0MB

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