(Game) Samurai Vandalism v1.01 (English)

(Game) Samurai Vandalism v1.01 (English)

ONEONE1 presents their latest greatest HCG packed hentai game with a whopping 435+ base CG!
290+ of which are EROTIC! Are you ready for the fap-a-thon of your life!?

Walkthrough info / Manual / Story flowchart available for free on ONEONE1’s Ci-en page:
* CONTAINS SPOILERS (You have been warned!)
The English version has been removed by Oneone1 in v1.01. Therefore it is patched with Reipatcher for the English. Still, expect some bugs and crashes.

– Battle: Turn based front view (with 4x speed up fast-forwarding possible)
– Self-destruct command available (After clearing the game)
– Can change / undress the character’s clothing (after certain in-game events completed)
– Possible to turn Voices ON / OFF (on a per character basis even!)
– Skip / log features implemented
– Possible to clear the game as a VIRGIN.
– SeX-ray cross section cuts can be turned ON/OFF
– Erotic traps in dungeons and otherwise…? YES, OF COURSE!


Birthing / Pregnancy System

Humanoid elves, goblins, orcs, zombie pigs / dogs / horses, tentacles, egg laying, etc.
It is possible to be impregnated and give birth to pretty much anything and everything!

Of course, not only that, but NPCs will sexually harass the protagonists,
dungeons are littered with erotic traps, prostitution, exhibitionist,
and a huge variety of erotic scenes and situations are included!

We’ve put a lot of work in making sure this game is chockablock full of lewdnesssss~!
And chockablock full of content. FULLSTOP!

In addition to the main protagonist there are 3 sub heroines that you can also control,
and for EACH of them, we have included more H scenes than your standard HRPG has in TOTAL.

Release: May/25/2021
Company/Circle: ONEONE1
Language: English (MTL)
Size: 6,1GB

No Reuploads For Zippy/Mirror

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