(Game PC + Android) Lost Life ver.1.20 (English)

(Game PC + Android) Lost Life ver.1.18 (English)

Release: May/26/2019
Company/Circle: HappyLambBarn
Language: English
Size: 167,0MB

For android v1.16:
Unofficial uncen APK by miwoj
Before playing, open option and set left and right click to auto then change control from mouse to touch

◆1.16 12/5/2019
・Add new action of swallowing semen in fellatio scene.
・Add new action of fap while licking in fellatio scene.
・Add cat ear headdress in “movie mode”.
・Add Spanish language, thanks to “Neko Creme”, for his enthusiastic translation.

◆1.15 11/1/2019
・Some parts that can be touched by both left or right hands, now it can be changed to left and right hands Auto according to the order.
・Add XML to edit language and text, which can be customized by players.(…\lib\doc\lang.xml)
・Add “pull out button” under the male meter.
・The “Up” and “Down” keys of the keyboard can control the piston speed (as the up and down arrows of the male meter)
・The “Left” and right keys of the keyboard can control the left and right hands in “movie mode”.
・Add German language, thanks to “kurzuha Chan”, the patron of patreon, for his enthusiastic translation.

◆1.14 8/21/2019
・FlashPlayer update
Flash Player is now updated from Ver 12 to 32.
Because during Android’s research, I found that the last Flash Player version 12 was a bit old.

・If Tokiko blushing in the TV scene , then enters the vanilla scene the Tokiko’s sex temp will start in the middle.
・The chance to wear the swimsuit is adjusted again, and the probability is raised from 10% to 30-40%.
・In Movie mode, add I (inside) O (outside) ejaculation hotkey (Of course, unlock is necessary.)

>bug fix (It’s all about the errors that occur when you change your scene in the movie mode.)
・The sock button will disappear.
・Error in display of clothes on color panel.
・Tears cannot be eliminated during fellatio scene.

◆1.13 7/28/2019
・When switching scenes in appreciation mode, the next scene will inherit clothing and sensibility.
・Rewrite all touch controls (to support Android version)

>bug fix
・In TV scenes,Not placing the phone back until you fall asleep will cause you bring the phone to enter the fellatio scene.
・In appreciation mode, when the orgasm is over, the hand of tokiko will block the chest, and then open the hand will make a mistake.
・Background BGM volume cannot be saved.

No Reuploads For Zippy/Mirror

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