(Flash) Brothel Empire v1.1 (English)

(Flash) Brothel Empire v1.1 (English)

Where you can create your own brothel in a big world full of pleasures. Here you will find a detailed game with missions, visualized sex and more. This game is still in the development phase and needs your help. I have great plans to make it amazing and a pleasant experience, as well as making it so that each character in the game has a polished descision tree. I want to make a living environment and have each game be a new experience, changing the game, world and including its main story.
Release: –
Company: Orochy
Language: English
Size: 3,4MB
Thanks to Orochy (the creator of this game) who send this to us


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  1. Anonymous
    Jul 05, 2018 @ 19:25:14

    how do one get shockwave player

  2. Anonymous
    Jul 06, 2018 @ 04:51:03

    You type in Google “shockwave player download”
    How did you make it to this site without knowing how to do a Google search?
    Whoever added this site to your Bookmarks should get a punch in the mouth.
    And whoever sold you a computer should go to prison for creating a public nuisance.

  3. Anonymous
    Jul 06, 2018 @ 10:42:35

    At least the description made me laugh.

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