Dominate Gamble 2 v1.3

Dominate Gamble 2 v1.3


Earn money in the back casino and battle Hibika.

As you win, Hibika will take off her clothes and sell them at auction.
Hibika will then lower her dress code to “underwear” and “nude” to make up for her debt in the game.
She does this repeatedly, and when she is finally cornered, she finally mortgages her “human rights”…

Once you have her “human rights”, you can do whatever you want in the casino.

Lock her up in her room and have sex with her at any time.
You can take her around the casino naked and give her any order you want.
You can confiscate the chips you earn and put them in your own pocket at any time.
You can make them imitate a dog or force them to beg by unlocking conditions.

Release: Oct/25/2021
Company/Circle: MOETERU Project
Language: Japanese
Size: 309,1MB

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